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This is our story.  In June of 2016, I was looking for my next business venture. I tossed around a couple different ideas while I was quickly running out of time, money, patience, etc.

Around that time, Uber was marketing very heavily and rideshare was hitting it’s stride. I wasn’t sure I would be a good candidate since at that time, I drove a 2 seater sports car. They explained that they had rental car programs that I could use to work. I went thru the on-boarding process, which seemed like it took forever, picked up a car and I was on my way.

I had no idea how much fun I was going to have. I am from Los Angeles, born and raised, and I was seeing parts of town I never knew existed. I was meeting very cool people, driving all over town, making money and really enjoying myself.

My first week, I hit all the introductory bonuses. It was looking great. But after that first week, I had to work harder and harder every week to make the same money. I was still having fun but after adding up all the dollars and cents, it wasn’t making as much sense.

Now on the app, you can see the difference in fares between the entry level Uber X and Uber Black SUV. I wanted to make Black SUV money.

I bumped into an SUV driver at a Starbucks in Orange County and started picking his brain a little. He explained to me what was required to be a Black SUV Driver and how to get into it. I wasted no time, I started immediately working towards getting certified as a Professional Commercial Limousine Driver. I went thru the motions & got myself the nicest SUV I could find. Game On!!!

My first weekend in the SUV was like night and day. Entirely different clientele all together. Needless to say, I was having fun before, now I was having a BLAST!!!

I met Starlets, YouTube Stars, Business Owners, Celebrities, Pro Sports Stars in my first month.

I met a guy one day and we were started working the streets together. One day he told me about this rock thing that was going on out in Palm Springs. We decided to come out. That event was “Desert Trip”

The first night we spent the day Ubering. It was a disaster!!! Drivers couldn’t get riders and riders couldn’t get cars and it was a mess. After making the best of my first night in town, I found a dark parking lot and rested my eyes.

The next day, I’m brainstorming on how to make the best out of the remainder of the 3 day weekend. I decide that I should go back to my old training and I started “Pounding the Pavement and Knocking on Doors”

I drove into the valet of The Riviera Hotel in Palm Springs and introduced myself to the lead. I gave him my card and told him that I’m a driver who’s in town and available should anyone need assistance. He then gave my card to someone at the desk, who then gave my card to the concierge. Within about 20 minutes, I received a phone call and was connected with a group of gentlemen who also had a tough time with Uber the night before.

I took not 1 more Uber request the rest of the weekend. After the weekend, all of the gentlemen in the group went back home to Australia but the main guy was staying in the States for another couple weeks and used my services the whole time.

The following weekend was weekend 2 of the festival. I received a phone call from the same concierge at the hotel. He told me that he had received great reviews of my work and wanted to use my services again. I explained to him that I wouldn’t be in town for weekend 2 but I would take care of his guests none the less. He put us in contact, I billed the guest, dispatched my driver buddy, everyone got paid and TRYPPS was born.

I started coming out on the weekends and sleeping in my SUV and showering at the gym. I began networking with the hotels soliciting my services.

The rest is history…


We are a Full Service Travel, Tourism & Hospitality company.

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  1. Hi mike, hope you are well my man. Take care hope to see you soon.

    Very best from Down Under

    • Mike!!!

      Thank you for reaching out. This story was about you.

      Good to hear from you my friend. I hope to see you again very soon also.

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