California Governor Newsom Is Opening up California and here are the new rules for Dine-in Restaurants.

After close to 2 months of Sheltering In Place, it looks like we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. California Governor Gavin Newsom made a statement today to set some of the guidelines that Dine In Restaurants need to follow in order to open.

In order to open for sit-down or dine-in service, restaurants must:

  • Have disposable menus or post menus online so diners can view them on their own devices
  • Cutlery, napkins and cups should not be “pre-set” on the table before diners sit down
  • Avoid use of shared condiments (salt shakers, ketchup, etc.)
  • Pre-roll utensils in napkins before giving them to customers
  • Takeout containers for leftovers must be filled by customers (not kitchen or wait staff)
  • Thoroughly clean tables, chairs, etc. after each group’s use
  • No table-side food preparation (such as for guacamole)
  • Bar areas inside restaurants should stay closed
  • Diners should also wear masks inside restaurants when they aren’t eating.

TRYPPS is a LOCAL Delivery / Courier company who has been operating in the Coachella Valley since 2016.

COVID-19 has forced us to re-invent how we do business and we are now entering the arena of Restaurant Delivery. What that means is that TRYPPS Inc. is now positioned to assist restaurants with:

Online Menu’s
Sales Optimized Website
Branded Mobile App
Local In-House Delivery

Please follow for more details.

We look forward to providing 5-Star Customer Service.

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We are a Full Service Travel, Tourism & Hospitality company.

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