Delivery and Courier Service

Delivery and Courier Service
TRYPPS delivery and courier service is our offering to all of our customers. You have packages that need to be delivered across town securely in a timely manner. We will pick up from the Post Office, UPS, Amazon, your customers and your business. Our delivery and courier service provides a secure, quick and courteous service to you and your customers.
For example, last week a Joshua Tree customer needed a more secure delivery of a recent Amazon Prime purchase. Mike the Driver was able to reroute the packages to the Post Office and arrange face to face pickup and delivery.
For office-to-office courier service, personal pickup and delivery, even store to door grocery delivery, Mike the Driver is your guy!

Joshua Tree Tour, Mo-Cheff box lunch

Joshua Tree tour with box lunch from Mo-Cheff
Joshua Tree Tour with box lunch from Mo-Cheff

Mike the Driver had another wonderful adventure yesterday, Wednesday January 4, 2023.
With a group of 13 adventurous souls, he led a van expedition through the wilds of Joshua Tree National Park.
Joshua Tree National Park Map

Our rough and ready adventurers made their way to the Great Barker Dam, after imbibing a wonderful Mo-Cheff power luncheon at Hidden Valley.
Mo-Cheff power luncheonPower Lunch!Power Lunch
They trekked from there to the spectacular Keys View. Then made their way stealthily to the Great Skull Rock. I am happy to report that everyone not only survived this great adventure, but arrived home safe and sound and filled with joy and energy and wonderful food.
Hardy and Brave Adventurers
We are all grateful to Mike the Driver for creating and guiding wonderful tours like this, and hope to report MANY MORE. We love you Mike (everyone loves Mike the Driver).

New Year Message from TRYPPS

New Year Message from TRYPPS
New Year Message from TRYPPS

We here at TRYPPS are wishing you a Happy New Year. We are thrilled to announce the many new projects and service we have in the works for the coming year. Including affiliate programs for our customers and partners, restaurant tie ins, tours, events and apps.
We will be delivering new content on our site, with many new adventures from Mike the Driver. Videos of our tours and events, invitations to join in the Palm Springs/Joshua Tree area night life (and day life!). New specials, new and awesome vehicles!
Come and join the adventure and fun with TRYPPS in the New Year 2023!
Looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you for your VOTES

Best of Desert 2022 thank you for your votes
Thank you for your votes

Trypps is in the Finals!
Thank you for your votes!!

We’ll see you at the Awards Gala! 😁✌️